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Quick Guide to Germinating Seeds

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 Grow a Giant Sunflower

1.) Pick a part of your garden that has plenty of sun. If youíre growing tall sunflowers like the Giant Russian, itís best to have them near a fence or wall so theyíre protected from the wind.

2.) Dig to soften the soil and mix in some Complete Fertiliser or compost.

3.) Sow the seeds at any time between August and December. Sunflowers like to grow when the weatherís warm so, in most places, this means sowing seeds in spring and early summer.

4.) Push the seeds into the soft soil. Make sure theyíre down at least one centimetre ( 10mm ).

5.) Water gently with a watering can and donít let the soil dry out ( but donít give the bed so much water that it makes puddles and drowns the seed ).

6.) As the plants grow, keep them well watered.

7.) Feed every couple of weeks with liquid plant food and seaweed solution.

8.) Spread some old leaves or grass around the base of the plant to keep weeds from growing and help prevent the roots drying out.

9.) The sunflower should reach a good size after about 10 weeks.

10.) If you pick the large flower on top of the main stem, smaller flowers will grow on the side shoots.

Remember to always:     Wear shoes to protect your feet and always wash your hands well after gardening.


The Pumpkin Lady Tells  

book by Wendy Stayner  ( The Pumpkin Lady )

The Pumpkin Lady

Welcome to Victoria, Australia - what we personally consider the Australian Giant Pumpkin Capital. Itís a place where more pumpkins can be found, particularly at the Pumpkin Lady's home. Wendy has real pumpkins, plastic pumpkins, toy pumpkins, pumpkin books, pumpkin dolls, pumpkin ornaments, pumpkin dishes, pumpkin candles, pumpkin jig saws - in fact she loves pumpkins and is forever adding to her pumpkin collection.


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