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The Pumpkin Lady Tells

"The Pumpkin Lady Tells"

"The Pumpkin Lady Tells" by Wendy Stayner is the first-ever Australian giant pumpkin book, written primarily for Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (i.e. Southern Hemisphere countries) who experience summer in December through to February. All other giant pumpkin books have been written for the Northern Hemisphere summers, which are completely opposite in timing to our hot summers. The book is written in a friendly calendar format, taking readers step-by-step through a year’s preparation and growing of a giant pumpkin.

Wendy Stayner, the author, has had over seventeen years experience growing giant pumpkins, and with husband George, have been four times Australian (Southern Hemisphere) Giant Pumpkin Champions 1988 to 1991, and held the Southern Hemisphere Squash (a green pumpkin) record from 1992 to 1997. Wendy also held the Australian Guinness Book of Records, records for the Heaviest Bushel Gourd and the Gourd with the Largest Circumference in 2000. As well, Wendy is known widely as "The Pumpkin Lady", and has been Secretary of the Australian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Society Inc and the Australasian co-ordinator for the World Pumpkin Confederation. To order the book check out the Order page.


   BOOK - PUMPKIN LADY TELLS by Wendy Stayner, learn how to grow a giant pumpkin through the 12 month calendar



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